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Constant updates and log in procedure for products that I have bought months ago ???

Right, this is really annoying me, it happened the other night while I was out gigging, and caused much embarrassment and inconvenience when my tunes wouldn't open on stage without online login, the place I was gigging at had no wifi, luckily after a few minutes I managed to tether my phone and get the files open but not without wasting a lot of time.

WHY am I getting license updates every single time I open reason and then I am being asked to log in online after that ? My licenses are written to both Balance & my computer. I don't have anything on trial, and I haven't bought any new devices since the Predator synth about 3 - 4 months ago now. This is most inconvenient and really annoying since its totally devoiding the purpose of my license being written to my hardware. I mean how many license updates are required on a daily basis and why has it only started happening in the last month or so ? I need this problem solved right away because I can't be doing that to open files every time I do live performances.

Whats the problem here Propellerhead ?