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Originally Posted by nobeahmon View Post
...put your emotions aside and read my post clearly. Again read my post clearly and answer my questions honestly please. Answer them.

Originally Posted by guitfnky View Post
not sure what you're getting at with the comment about emotions? or who my "buddy" is?
Does this clarify...I was trying to answer 2 posts in 1...yours and your buddy

Originally Posted by guitfnky View Post
I don't understand how you seem to overlook the demand for the RE format now. have you bought any REs? I've bought several. people like them. opening Reason to VSTs will create a path of least resistance for developers; even though there would still be demand for the increased integration of REs, the laziness that would come when developers no longer need to have their plugins vetted by Propellerhead would mean you'd see less and less REs being made.
I whole heartedly disagree. There was no demand for REs. There was a demand for Vst support in Reason. However, Propellerhead had other ideas....REs. And you say I am overlooking the "demand for the RE format" as if it is not here already. And to answer your questions, yes I do have more than a few REs:
Saturation Knob
4 Dyne Multiband Comp
4 Phase LFO

Am I impressed with REs and how well it is integrated with the Rack? Yes, I am. Does owning these REs quell my desire for Vst support in Reason? Absolutely not. Why? As I said in my prev. post, they are all just tools in the tool box. Does Antidote stop me from wanting to use East West Symphonic Orchestra's, Massive, etc? Hell no.

And you continue with this assertion that devs will be slow to develop new REs if Reason integrates Vst support. Well we don't have Vst support now, and I don't exactly see devs busting down Props doors at the present moment. Hmm...I wonder why? Maybe because the Vst market is exponentially more broader than REs. Devs, as most people who are in business to make money, follow the money. How many Daws Support Vst? Hmm? Logic, Reaper, ProTools, Cubase, Nuendo, FL Studio, Sonar, Studio One, Ableton, etc.

How many Daws support REs? Umm...only Reason does. With out even thinking hard, there is a 9:1 chance of having your products purchased if you developed a Vst vs. a RE. That fact is more than enough reason by itself for high end devs to stay away.....IS probably why they are staying away.

Now REs is a definite opportunity for lesser known devs to bolster there brands. But to my first point, REs in it's current state is not the solution to the demand for Vst in Reason. If high end devs would have jumped on board, then I would say yes. There products is what increased the demand for Props to give users 3rd party support in the first place.

Originally Posted by guitfnky View Post
Reason users might say "hey, why didn't you make that as a Rack Extension!", but they'll still shell out the money for the VST because it's better than nothing. Rack Extensions would be relegated to niche status rather quickly. like it or not, the success of the RE market relies on being closed off from traditional plugin formats.
No disrespect. But what the hell are you talking about. REs are at that status already. What other Daw can use REs besides Reason? My other point is people are going to shell out money for anything that has a big enough demand. What you seem to miss is, why the "users" are asking the question you posed in the first place? The same Reason people want to buy iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. The product is quality and well developed. Further these proprietary tactics to lock users in a product only work when you have the proper Apple and Avid as examples. And even still, it could back fire.

Originally Posted by guitfnky View Post
indeed, part of the beauty of the format is that Props isn't FORCING anyone to develop Rack Extensions. it's given a bunch of smaller names a chance to sell quality products that might've been overlooked if they had to compete with the VST brand-name juggernauts. honestly, I look at it as their loss if they choose not to make Rack Extensions, not the user's loss. I don't need a Waves compressor or a UAD reverb in Reason, and neither do you. I need a compressor, and a reverb in Reason, and so do you. there are plenty of GREAT options available to us both.
How could any company force another to develop products for them. And it is at the users detriment if they have to make a choice between being locked into a product that excludes them from many, many, many other excellent ones. I definitely agree that it gives smaller devs a shot, but again, we are talking about a niche market. A market that doesn't reach past our friends from Sweden.

Originally Posted by guitfnky View Post
and you talk about "high end developers" as if that has any real meaning. the name on your plugin is a symbol of perceived quality only (the actual quality has zero to do with the name/logo). you even acknowledge this above, when you say lesser-known developers are making great Rack Extensions. I'm not sure how it makes sense to you to make that point while also trying to convince me that we need access to tools with big names on the front. quality is quality, period.
Smh Ummm companies just don't build there brands from sub par quality. When I see the name "McDonalds", I think of "Big Mac and french fries". In other words when I see a name, I am associating the products as well. And I know a lot of companies have excellent commercial marketing, but word of mouth is a little bit different. Word of mouth is marketing from actual users. When you have so many users bolstering your brand, the only thing left is an increase in demand for it.

And my point has escaped you once again. I don't want to use a product because of "the name". I want to use a product because of it's quality. Doesn't matter if a "high end" or "lesser" known dev created it. Tools are tools...whether RE or Vst...I want access to them all with out resistance or hesitation.

Originally Posted by nobeahmon View Post
He refuses to refer to me by name and because you and I have similar stance (VST support makes no sense in Reason) I became your buddy in his eyes. I guess my questions that he could not answer honestly and logically really upset him, hence not addressing me by name.

+1 on everything you said buddy.
I answered your question in a myriad of ways..buddy And strangers could never upset me

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