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Originally Posted by cyclic604b33 View Post
since the cv tuner can do it , it would be nice if there was a ghosted note indicator to show notes that might work with the current midi data
i dont really see this ever happening because it supposes there is rigid rules in music theory

one note by itself could have any number of relationships to another note.
any interval could lead to countless following

ghost suggested notes would have to assume scale, chords, progression, key changes and if you had to input all that data to make it work, well you wouldnt be in need of suggested notes

CV tuner harmony out kinda lets me down because it only goes up or down 7 semitones
it should have a range of an octave under over the original pitch
then intervals 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th altered to M m A d P based on the scale you have chosen. or 25 steps 12 under to 0 to 12 up then use the rounding function to fix out of scale semitones.