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Smile SSL strips in the Combinator

I believe it could be very useful to have the ability to place and store SSL strips in the Combinator.

here are a few uses (im sure theres so many more):
  • save Complex wirings for Redrums, Kongs, and other multiple output devices
  • save SSL strip settings like EQs, compression, levels, gates etc...
  • visual clean up of rack view - hide multiple SSL in a combi if you wanted
  • another way to group or bus devices - the more the merry
  • save sets of SSL strips like groups, buses, parallels, direct outs
  • ability to use programmer and cv on SSL strips
I recognize it would be weird to have the SSL strip in a combinator that is the source of its sound. (any ideas to solve routing confusion?)

SSL strips in Combi also brings up the Russian doll concept of combi in a combi (thoughts?)