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Originally Posted by cyclic604b33 View Post
since the cv tuner can do it , it would be nice if there was a ghosted note indicator to show notes that might work with the current midi data
Um, so, if you have a C selected, and you want the editor to highlight notes that it displays all the obvious chords:

C# (-9)
D (2, sus2, 9th)
D# (minor)
E (major, 7th, aug)
F (sus4)
F# (diminished triad/blue note, 7+5, m7-5)
G (sus2, sus4, 5, major triad, minor triad, major 7th, minor 7rh)
G# (aug, maj7+5)
A# (minor 7th)
B (7th, 7sus4)

Well, it highlights them already. In white!
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