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Lightbulb Freeze, follow, and "live mode"

Seamless audio capture and freeze like the electro harmonix Freeze/Superego would be awesome. Audio to CV follower so I can play thor with my guitar (I have seen Peff's combinator work around for this which is cool), and Line 6 Pod Farm as a rack extension. The line 6 amps need more customization and more range in the treble and presence controls. Pod farm would be a great way to make playing guitar with reason a lot more natural. How about some famous guitar distortion pedal clones like the TS9 or the Big Muff? Scream and Pulverizer get great distortion sounds but guitarists need more. How about an intelligent pitch shifter that follows the key that you are in. Neptune feeding another Neptune doesn't really follow in real time. These are just a few ideas. If there are good ways to create these effects that I just haven't figured out yet, please let me know.

One more thing; there should be a live mode so that you can use the rack as a live instrument in a variety of ways like making real time loops and switching set ups for different instruments with one click. I would love to see a live mode single screen that resembles a foot pedal board with all of the effects switchable to on and off. Then you can have an audio feed and all of your effects available. This would be great to use on a gig or even just to audition different setups before recording. I have only been able to figure out MIDI control for one instrument at a time. The live mode would basically have all of your instruments and effects open and playable at once so that my MIDI controller can adjust different parameters on different rack devices at once (delay time in the echo, drive in the Line 6 amp, dry/wet reverb mix, etc.). Can you think of another way to achieve this?

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