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Originally Posted by dub08 View Post
EQ presets? Last time I saw any of those it was on a car stereo. I guess I could see this being useful to amateurs or kids just starting out, but only as a very generic and vague starting point.

For ex: how do you make a vocal preset when every mic, voice, preamp setup is different?
Or, how would a bass eq preset work, when the guy who made the preset was using a bass line in the key of C....but my bass line is in the key of A?

EQ should be used based on the material going thru it and, that changes every single time.
EQ is nothing more than amplitude, by frequencies...once people learn that, they would never need an EQ preset.
It's simply a feature that exists in all other DAWs. And I don't think the key of a song makes that huge of a difference with EQ aside from what the lowest note is. (with A and C being relative major/minors, they aren't very far apart). Not everyone (actually never heard of this method before) targets specific note frequencies when EQing.

The thing that makes presets usable is when working with the same artists, being able to save custom settings.