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I understand where everyone is coming from.

It would be great to have patch saving on the SSL strip. With patch saving also comes patch loading. It is never a good idea to simply use a preset for EQ, but can be a good starting point for many. Aside from other DAWs, many digital mixers come preloaded with EQ libraries.

If the feature to save patches is included, many of the Reason users could contribute to a gear specific ReFill. Yes, there will always be variables that are different. For instance, I could create an EQ patch I think is great for a snare. I could tell you that it uses a Beta 57A and Focusrite preamp. However, this would not account for the snare itself or the mic placement. However, it can be a great starting point.

The other answer has been to save settings in a template. For me, I don't like using templates. When I start a project, I don't necessarily know where it's going to go. It may have may not. I always start with an empty rack. So, saving my EQ settings in a template isn't the best option for me. Although I suppose the template could be opened to be copy and pasted from...but that's not as great for workflow.

However, I know if I'm adding vocals, I know what mic and interface/preamp I will be using. So, being able to call up a patch I saved for vocals would be VERY handy =)

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