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Originally Posted by kloeckno View Post
It is a problem that happens when you download an update to a RE, but the license doesn't get written to your ignition key or your authorized computer.

So, don't download an update if you have a gig, it's as simple as that. You will NEVER have to log on if you don't get any updates. And if you do have to download an update, watch the Authorizer window and make sure the "Writing Licenses" finishes completely.

I play shows on a weekly basis with my computer, so it's not a problem with everyone. I always open Reason before I disconnect from the internet after getting any new REs, to make sure it doesn't need any licenses to be written. You'll know because a dialog pops up saying "Licenses are not up to date" or something similar.
If its a problem, then its something that Propellerhead need to fix, its not down to users to go out their way to get round it when its something that shouldn't be happening in the first place. I also play regular gigs, and its always worked fine as you would expect, like I say this came out the blue for no apparent reason. If I don't log in online then my rack extensions are not available to use. So there is no way of cheating it. My licenses should be written to my hardware the same way as they always have been, and I haven't changed anything in my setup or software. It just started happening ???