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Originally Posted by richymoore View Post
No you're missing the point here, this is not about lack of preparation, this is almost every single time I start Reason, and I say almost because sometimes its fine, and opens no problem exactly the way it should with all my rack extensions good to go. But 90% of the time when I open it, it updates licenses, which there is no logical explanation for, especially since it only started about 2 months ago, and its long since been that I had anything on trial or purchased any new rack extensions. After unexplainably updating licenses it then asks for an online login, even though my Reason license is written to both my laptop and balance, and if I don't login online, NONE of my pre purchased rack extensions are available. I mean, I could have updates licenses during sound checks, shut the computer down and then when its time to go on it wants to update them again, no way round it. The fact remains that this is clearly a fault on Propellerhead's behalf and its not down to me to go out my way to get round it, its down to them to fix the problem, so people can actually rely on the software to work when it should, especially on stage. I'm running Reason 7.0.1 and it has never let me down until this nonsense started happening right out the blue for no apparent reason, but this is beyond inconvenient, I have no idea what I'd have done if my phone had run out of data or was even in a black spot for data reception. I'd have been forced to just cancel my set most likely. That's not really good business for a musician. Sort it out Propellerhead, I'm never done singing this company praises to everyone I know whose into production, but this is the kind of thing that can make someone change their mind.
What you describe is really weird and I have never seen anything similar. Do contact support to see if they can help you identify the problem. While you wait for them to reply, try uninstalling all REs, Reason and Authoriser. Reinstall and authorise everything, making sure that all RE licences are written to both Balance and computer. If the problem persists, you may need some voodoo help...