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Need Authoritattive Help! Purchased Wrong Reason. How Can I Acquire Reason 7?

Hello all! 3 Questions!
I made a mistake, in purchasing a REASON package on close-out, that isn't marked UPGRADE on the package anywhere; nor does the package indicate a Version Number -- but it had a green sticker that reads:

It turns out it's old (Version 6.0) and after inserting the bright red "ignition key", and attempting to register, I find I can't: it needs a registration number from REASON ADAPTED or REASON LIMITED package -- but I own neither.

1. What is the smartest way for me to invest further, so I end up with a working REASON 7?
2. Would a REASON ESSENTIAL version 6 package, I also found on the shelf, if purchased, provide a suitable registration code that would work for me? From there, I suppose I would still be stuck at REASON 6, right?
3. It was suggested I return the "upgrade" to the store I purchased it from, to arrange a refund. (but that's not possible, since this version of REASON is already installed here on my system, and the store (Best Buy Musical Instruments) is now out of business.

Anyone with a proper approach to my moving up to a working REASON 7, please advise me in a way that's a good use of extra expense on my part.

I'm no guitar player, so purchase of a legacy Line 6 POD product to crossgrade over to REASON isn't an attractive option. I'm earnest in desiring to be a fully-functional end-user.

Thanks in advance
I'm new here.

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