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Originally Posted by mcatalao View Post
Auralex kits tent do be inefficient for bass control and will easily ruin your room high response. You want to ballance your room, not kill it.

I did a mix of RPG and hand made bass traps.

The RPG kit uses a different kind of foam, that works as a membrane, having better mid bass responses.

I also did several bass traps. Check Ethan Winer's forums, where he explains how to do a fiberglass/rockwool based bass trap.
I second the DIY approach, since you can customize them to your room. Were you able to measure the response before/after with your bass traps? We will be using 703 and 705 as our primary absorption material, and will start with the corner traps since they also absorb higher frequencies. I'm always curious what others have done and how successful they feel the results were.

As it turns out, I'm helping a friend this weekend with bass traps and wall/ceiling panels for his new commercial studio space. I'll try to shoot some videos of our 'adventure' and the results we obtain. I'll be bringing my simple testing setup which consists of a Behringer test microphone and Fuzzmeasure (Mac) software. I'll try to post the results so others can learn from our mistakes! ;-)
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