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Originally Posted by selig View Post
You should not hear anything if you mute all of the channels feeding the bus. It's entirely possible you have some additional routing happening that is causing this. Try a simple version of your routing on an empty song file to establish the basics of the concept - if things work as expected in that controlled situation, then you know you've done something irregular with your song.

Alternatively, go back to your starting point (before you added a new Bus Channel) and prove to yourself that muting the individual channels kills all sound from those channels. Then select the desired channels and create the new bus and repeat the muting example and see what happens (without doing anything else).

I've never seen Bus Channels NOT work as expected, unless you've created some additional routing that creates a secondary path to the mix bus. These things can be complicated to troubleshoot without any detailed information or seeing the song file in question, so I'm sorry if I can't give more specific feedback! :-)
I did that, and it works perfectly now! Thank you so much for helping me, I really appreciate it. I'm new to this, so please forgive me and my annoying questions, lol. Again, thanks a lot!