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Smile Figure update

Hello first thank your for the new Figure really cool , i just have some suggestion on my mind ...
how about new sounds for the drums or much options on it to make it sound mire personnel like the ones we got on reason kong drums like soudn bass snare sound but still in a simple outfit like waht figure is about.

now secondly how about a way to export figure song . directly in Reason , let me explain it .
so im in the transport i make a super nice figure song that good right now but i can really thing about all the things i can add on it like filters , progressions changing sound in the middle of the songs all the things tant i can do with reason.
how about making it possible to export the fill on my mail or dropbox
put it on my computer and open it with reason not in wave but like a actual song that i work on reason.
So now i can make it longer and put all the adds that i was thinking about .

one again thanks a lot for the new figure