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Originally Posted by kenporter View Post
My Reason 7.5/8 feature list:

- support 32bit audio
- ability to type in values on mixer, rather than having to drag the mouse.
- automation should display actual unit/value in sequencer, i.e. dB for mixer track level rather than 0-1000.
- delay compensation to make sure all tracks are aligned properly when chaining various REs etc. Automation should be delay compensated as well.
- when selecting several tracks and pressing solo, it should solo all selected tracks at once, when folding or unfolding it should fold or unfold only selected tracks. Same with mute, record enable, adjusting volumes on the mixer (should be relative), etc.
- regions and midi notes should snap absolute and relative to the grid, not just relative.
- key command to transpose a midi note by an octave up or down, I.e. CMD+SHIFT+ up/down arrow for example.
- key command to change the grid, i.e. CMD+1 to half grid, CMD+2 to double grid.
- grid should have the ability to be adaptive, i.e. when zooming in the snap to grid should change, i.e. from 1 bar to 1/2… to 1/64 when zooming in.
- split notes with razor tool.
- smart edit tool rather than having to select edit tool for various task.
- key command to duplicate regions while music is playing, copy and paste does not work while music plays and having to hold opt+ drag is slow when copying multiple regions.
- ability to import audio while sequencer is playing.
- drag and drop audio files from browser into session.
- Rex and audio should optionally preview at set sequencer tempo.
- timestretching feature in sampler, including Kong's.
- editing capability of multiple regions from separate tracks at once. This is great when creating harmonies using various instruments.
- folder/group tracks to clean up the sequencer view.
- MIDI tracks, i.e. I would like to be able to record the output of CV Tuner to a new MIDI track.
- more key commands for often used tasks, i.e. solo a track, mute a track, etc.
+1 on this, especialy the shortcuts for transposing notes. Also Right Click on the Mixer-EQ-Knobs should open the FFT-EQ-Window.