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1 Necessarily Reason as a rewire host!
2 Automatic latency compensation for devices.
3 Possibility to save grouped SSL channel mixer.
4 Addition of to all devices sliders dry / wet.
5 More audio editing capabilities - such as noise reduction.
It may be working with another program such as Audacity.
6 The possibility of drawing a parabolic line in the sequencer.
7 Adding slider as ReCycle to increase / decrease the number of cuts.
8 Sandbox for easy recording VSTi.
9 Drag samples from the tool window directly to devices in the rack.
10. Necessarily strengthen the capacity of the SDK to help developers making new plug-ins.
11. Tool to create plug-ins by users? Maybe an easier access to the SDK?
12. Improving Combinator - when I program such as Gain in eq it shows a numeric value instead of dB.
13. ReGroove options for redrum and matrix.
14. Freeze SSL channel option.

+ A future where u can pitch a sample to tempo, for example Ctrl+Alt and drag the audioclip like the time timestrech future but u pitch insteed.

That would be an instant buy for me!!!