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You can record multiple tracks of MIDI notes by locking each controller to a device (instrument). Need to record 16 tracks? You need 16 "controllers" either real or 16 instances of the same controller.

Unfortunately, Reason doesn't allow to have multiple controllers using the same MIDI port(s) which you would need if all you want is to record 16 MIDI channels to 16 MIDI tracks from the same MIDI port. ...this is where the MIDI-OX (or any MIDI filtering app) comes in, besides virtual MIDI ports.

Reason's MIDI input is "Controller" oriented, not "MIDI Port+Channel" oriented. For that "lower level" of control of the rack devices, there's the MIDI Implementation chart for each device and the Advanced MIDI device which bypasses the Remote layer and the Sequencer i.e. it's the way to *directly* "play/control" a device in the rack (i.e. no recording involved, exactly like it would happen on a real rack with MIDI cables jacked in to each device).

So, currently, to record a track per MIDI Channel from the same MIDI port, you need MIDI-OX to clone 16 copies of the real port to 16 virtual ports, where each connection will filter out all the MIDI Channels but one.

To get virtual ports you need something like loopMIDI.

This workaround is only needed when you have this "unusual" situation that Reason isn't optimized to deal with because it's trying to make every other MIDI-related situation easier.'re the exception, thus, you need to use a workaround.
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