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Originally Posted by ryszard View Post
In addition to the genres in which you work, it would be useful to have an idea of your budget and space available. If you only have some desk space and $200 that will get you one set of answers. If you have a proper control room and $1,000 or more things change. Of course, you're probably somewhere in between.

For my part, I have a pair of Behringer B2031A TRUTH 8-3/4" bi-amped two-way monitors on a pair of 40" speaker stands on each side of my studio desk coupled with a JBL 10" subwoofer. The mains have a hard low cut at 50 Hz; the JBL takes me down to 30 Hz or so when I need it.

The Behrys have enough power to literally blow my hair back, but I rarely use them above conversational levels. They used to be sold as matched pairs, but they are calibrated to be flat within +/- 1 dB in their rated frequency range. Street price is $229 each. (There was a pair for sale on this forum recently for $350. I have seen used pairs for less in local stores.) (All prices are USD.)

If you have the space and need the power, it's hard to beat these in their price range. But as was said above, it's a crowded market. You're going to get a lot of good answers. Your only problem will be selecting those which best meet your needs. Just be sure you're comparing apples to apples.

Edited to add: If you are into pads and strings, two Refills which bear a close look are
(1) The Bitword Wavefront Refill, which I have had for a year and have hardly scratched the surface of its 4.5 Gb of sonic goodness, and
(2) The Bitley Fairlight Platinum Refill (fifth down on Bitley's home page), which I just got and haven't even loaded yet. Read the reviews and you'll see why. Both retail for $119 USD. If you could only have one, I'd say go for the Bitley.
Excellent post, ryszard! I hadn't heard of the Bitley Fairlight Platinum Refill. Since the early 80's I have been a huge fan of the Fairlight. I remember being in a studio back in the 90's and they had a Fairlight in storage, just collecting dust. It sat in a corner...unused and forgotten. It looked like it hadn't been touched in years. I stood there looking at it for a long time. My young mind raced with ideas and was flooded with the memories of all the songs that I loved that used that device that was so groundbreaking when it came out.

Thanks to your post, I can now add all those great sounds to my arsenal. I'm sure I will also be buying the Bitword Wavefront Refill as well after I have a chance to dig into the Fairlight Platinum Refill.