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Originally Posted by Knickle View Post
Before you walk into the store you should try to determine if you're dealing with a compatibility issue or defective hardware. It will strengthen your case if you can narrow it down. Have you tried the Scarlett on a another computer?

If it's a compatibility problem, you can try contacting Focusrite support via email. I did that earlier this year for a bug I found with my Saffire Pro 24. They do respond, but it may take a day or two.
That's a good point... however, even if I get it to work on another computer it doesn't change the fact that my experience with it has been tainted and I'm already thinking of a different configuration for my setup.

I spoke with Focusrite last week about some of the issues -- but not the crackling.
I'll consider calling them before I head to the store though, thanks.
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