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Originally Posted by N03L View Post
I know the SSL needs to be properly modelled on the 9000 but is their any scope to increase the relative 'steepness' of the Q curve?
When sweeping through the frequency spectrum I find that the highest Q value has too gradual a curve and raises too many other frequencies.
Is this now down to RE's to provide this kind of EQ feature or could you consider improving on the classic 9000?
A shelving option would be another nice addition to go with the bell curves.
Try the "E" mode - but also know that super narrow boosts can sound most un-musical.

Other than for special FX there's not much application for a narrow boost with typical mixing. Now if you need to "fix" something, it may come in handy but there may be better solutions IMO. But you're talking to someone who just finished mixing a project using only Pultec EQs, which are probably the farthest from offering anything approaching a "narrow" Q. ;-)

What do you use narrow EQ boosts for typically? :-)
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