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Originally Posted by torusflow View Post
I always like your music. Couldn't understand the vocals cuz they are pretty much buried and I wish there was more singing but cool vibes. Honestly I felt like some of the tunes are a bit too long for me although still good of course. I really like the dark and mysterious, almost- end of days sound you're going for. You guys rock.
Congrats on the indie label! You're making your way, my friend. Do you do music full time, as in for a living? If so that is incredible and I hope someday I will get there too.
Stolen Fire is my favorite on this LP.
Thanks mate! Really glad you liked it

The vocal mixing: yep, that was an intentional decision - I didn't want the vocals to be the focal-point of the music and, as clichéd as it sounds, I wanted to treat them as an extra instrument. We used to be quite a vocal-oriented band, but for this style of music it just didn't seem to fit.

Also, yep - I work on music full-time I had to set aside quite a big chunk of time to get this completed, so I'm glad with how it turned out. My other music is very, very different, so having an outlet for this kind of work is fantastic. You can hear my other music on my Soundcloud page