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Better import workflow for MIDI

Two things:

Importing MIDI Files
I noticed this while trying out the MIDI clips that come with the Reason Drum Kits 2.0 ReFill. Importing MIDI clips to is a pain in the @$$.

I don't get the chance to audition them in the File Open Dialog, so I have to blindly import them. After import, I end up with a new MIDI track and a new Instrument device, which I then have to switch to drums in order to hear what I want to hear. If I don't like the clip, I have to do it all over again.

Why can't I use the Play button in the File Open dialog's Audition area to listen to the file with the currently selected Instrument/Combinator (or with a default instrument, if no instrument is currently selected) before opening it?[/S]

And when I choose to open it, can't it simply put the clip on the track of the currently selected device, instead of creating a new device that I'm going to delete anyway?

Only when there's no device currently selected, it should create a new instrument.

Importing Audio Files
I can audition audio files before importing them, which is nice.

But does it have to create a new Audio Track every time when I import a file? Can't it use the currently selected Audio Track, put the file in there, and only create a new Audio Track when there's currently no Audio Track selected? Or at least allow me to use a modifier key (SHIFT, CTRL, etc) to do so?

(I withdraw the Audio Track part, as it seems I missed already existing functionality. But the MIDI part remains valid.)

Both these improvements would greatly streamline the workflow when using a lot of imported MIDI or audio files.

Thanks for reading,

P.S.: I'm not the only one disliking the current workflow:
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