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Originally Posted by c4djack View Post
I often work on my mix for a long time, and forget to save copies of my song file, so I can't go back to earlier states. Which is bad, because I tend to change a lot.

It would be nice to have an additional item in the File menu that is called e.g. "Save incremental". It would save a copy of the song and add a number to the file name.

Ever time I use that function, it would save another copy of the current song and increase the number.

Should be easy to implement and would provide a great benefit, IMO.


+1 for the concept…
For this to work, Reason would have to change the way it saves files. Otherwise your disk will fill up quite quickly because Reason saves ALL audio (including audio not currently 'heard') in the song file.

I and others have suggested ways of making this "breadcrumb trail" feature easy to implement, and gain many additional features along the way. Check out this suggestion if you have a moment and are interested (this was written for Record originally, and it all applies to Reason today):
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