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Lua Script interface

We already have Lua scripts for the Remote codecs and the GUI part of Rack Extensions. It would be nice to be able to extend menus and create our own commands with Lua.

That way, we could automate a lot of those everyday tasks we have to do, but that are not important enough to actually request them from the Propellerheads.

A simple script interface would execute scripts on click (no realtime hooks within the engine), and grant access to functionality like creating and deleting devices; moving devices around in the rack; creating and changing the cable connections; creating, deleting and moving mixer channel strips, et cetera.

As I come from the graphics programming and 3D rendering area, I just love any kind of scripting interfaces, because I can easily extend the functionality of my favorite software without having to bug the developers of the application (or wait for them to implement my personal wishes for me).
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