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Phase Problems/Correlation Meter/Wide Mixes

Hi guys, i always have phase issues with my mixes and masters because im a huge fan of mixing wide and lots of reverbs n delays so my final projects are always all over the stereo field and go down towards -1 on the phase correlation meter. Recently if tried to make a mix more monocompatible and it worked but i dont know why it worked so please explain to me coz m afraid i myt have introduced other problems i may not be aware of.
1. I exported my mix as wave split into its L and R components
2. I then mixed these two with th original stereo mix to get ( [L+R] + L + R ).
I know usually when u layer the same waveform perfectly in line u will have nasty phase issues but this technique seemed to solve the problem coz now my mix/masters are now sounding huge and wide but still leaning towards +1 on the correlation meter and they are nolonger all over the stereo field and also now dont lose power when i mono them out.
Please let me know if this may introduce other side effects :-)