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Time Stretch/Cursor Options

Reason needs to allow for disabling global time stretch while still having the ability to manually time stretch to the grid.
As it stands now, editing digital audio while constantly having to deal with this global time stretch has proven to be insanely irritating. This might be solved with the above suggestion.

Reason also needs to give us 2 cursor options:
*current tape machine start and stop
*the option to enable our sequence so that when I hit spacebar to stop, the cursor jumps back to my L marker. SO SIMPLE.
Chopping digital audio would be so much more of a pleasurable experience if this were an option. As it stands it is cumbersome, tedious, and limiting. It is not conducive to a well paced workflow.

Every other DAW has this option. Reason absolutely needs it.

I am at a point where i am considering abandoning reason's digital audio and shifting back to protools because of the above mentioned deficiencies

Thank you for listening. Propellerheads has always done an excellent job of considering and implementing user suggestions. Very much appreciated.