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Originally Posted by Soulspeed View Post
Thanks bud, i listened to a few of yours as well, i like your stuff, i wish i could do something different like you, i have never tried really....maybe that is why i really appreciate hearing come you don't have any new stuff up? It's all a year old ?

Thank you. My stuff is different because I'm kind of Anyhoo, I'm glad you like my music. I still write incomplete songs and file them away for later. Then the distraction of Re's comes along. I also upgraded my studio recently and that slowed things down as well. And, I've been working on several new abstract art works too. As a matter of fact, now that I really stop and think about it, I've been rather busy kind of like an octopus with each tentacle working on a different project. I am looking forward to finishing these projects so just hang tight.

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