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NordBeat's debut Album finally available!


This a little bit off-topic and I don't like to spread such advertising, but we (T.G. and AHTSI) started our carreer with ReBirth! So it may be interesting for you guys.

Finally, we did it! We won a deal with the label Fresh Music and Zyx Music to distribute our barnd new CD 'The Trance Comes Over You!'

This album is like as a 'Best Of NordBeat' from the last 5 years. So, you'll find the best tracks written by NordBeat on this CD. There's also the track 'Typhoon Power' on it which is made ~90% by ReBirth.

Go ahead with the link below for more information about the album or to check out all 15 tracks on Album

Nuff advertising for now!

/.G. ViRUS of NordBeat
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