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My 1st tune here: Asimov's Robots - Part 1 - V3.20

Thought I'd post my Reason rebuild of this tune on it's 10 year anniversary, this month.
I wrote this tune 10 years ago, in April 1992 as a 'thank you' to send off to Isaac Asimov, for all of the wonderful stories he'd written about robots. Mr. Asimov passed away, about 1 week before I had the 'final mix' of V1.00 ready.
This is the 'instrumental' version, without the vocoded 'vocals' of the 1st 3 Laws of Robotics.

I put it into the 'Pop' genre as there weren't a listing for 'Synthpop' or something close to that.

Lemme know any thoughts on it. It's the first tune of an Asimov's Robots concept album. I'm about 75% done, "Robbie - Asimov's Robots - Part 2" at the moment.