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reason vs. protools: battle for midi supremacy

hiya, i'm hoping to find someone who has a solution to a somewhat strange midi problem.
when i have both reason and protools running at the same time, whenever reason is in the foreground with protools in the background, reason stops responding to midi events. if i switch back to pt in the foreground, reason responds to midi events. i have plenty of apps i run at the same time (pt, reason, refuse, absynth, reaktor) and reason works fine in the fore or background as long as pt isn't running. i tested absynth and reaktor to see if they had the same problem, and they don't...only reason in the foreground creates this anomaly.

if anyone else has had this problem, i'd love to hear how it was fixed. btw, i also posted on the digidesign board but they're so geeked about the digi002 i doubt i'll get a response.

mac g4 733
midiman keystation 49

thanks in advance for any light that can be shed on this problem!