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My Formal Apologies to Propellerheads Outstanding Staff

To the great staff at Propellerheads, including Frederik and Michael:

I apologize for getting frantic on Friday via emails and posts on the forum board regarding the odd problems I had with misslabeled CD's from the CD factory which prevented me from being able to install or use REASON, further delayed by the weekend.

I though I had all the bases covered including expedited overnight shipping from Manhattan to my office for Friday delivery and never expected a "one in a million" chance occurrence like [misslabeled CDs at the factory] this.

This entire situation was beyond what could normally be expected from anyone at Propellerheads to have prevented, foreseen, or to control, and I hope that you will forgive my childlike behavior. We are all adults and all human and I should have not been so frantic.

I appreciate all the work everyone at Propellerheads has been doing, most likely over the weekend when they should have been off enjoying the time with their families, etc., instead of having to deal with, what in the overall scheme of things, my minor difficulties.

Life is to short to take something like this too seriously and I did not intend to impose so deeply upon the personal lives of the Propellerheads' staff over the weekend.