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Reason locks up on save, is this NTFS fault?

Hi, after i upgraded too reason 2.0 it worked fine, then im not sure what exactly happened , but now when i press save, save as, or locks up, it doesnt even open the save browser.

All my drives apart from Audio Record drive are NTFS, i originally thought it could be permissions were wrong, so i reset all on all drives and tryed again.... exactly the same

so i uninstalled it, did a full full regclean, no traces were left of it... (according too regcleaner, and advanced regclean) even searching Regedit For propellerhead, and Reason didnt show up anything...

Then reinstalled, and it didnt ask me for my serial number which i thought was very strange... put the soundbank and orkester cd's in, app loads fine, i can still do whatever i want, but as soon as i press save....Lock up again

this s almost like when i used v1 demo (can do stuff but not save)
but the difference being i have aid hard earned money for this
Any idea before i must reinstal my whole OS?
Windows XP pro is my OS

Thx for any help
ken C