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computer too slow? -optimize song message

I have Reason 2 loaded onto a 747 MHz PIII Toshiba notebook with 240 Mb of RAM. I an running Windows XP pro.
When I tried to play the default song, (as well as most of the demo songs) it plays for a minute then stops and an error message says that the computer is too slow to play the song and that I need to optimize the song (see documentation).
First of all, there is no documentaion that I can find that has the word optimize in it. So I can't very well optimize if I don't know how to.

I did create some smaller song loops that played sufficiently using only 1 Redrum track, reverb& echo and 2 Dr. Rex tracks.

Since I was hoping to use this computer to play live Reason tracks (rather than using my MPC 2000), I wonder if my computer really is too slow or there might be something hindering Reason that I don't know about.
or is it Windows XP?
Can anyone help me please?