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Recycle - New user needs help please

I bought Recycle thinking I could chop drum loops up to create variations of them and make rhythm tracks more interesting in my sequencer (no sampler). I hope I can do that...BUT... I'm having trouble.

I have a 1 bar (4 beat) loop.
Beat 1 is a bass drum with a crash cymbal.
Beat 3 is a clean bass drum of the same duration.
I would like to copy beat 3, and use it to replace beat 1 (i.e. create the same loop but without the crash cymbal).

CUT/COPY/PASTE functions on selected beats don't seem to do as I would have expected. THey just remove markers. I thought I'd simply be able to CUT beat 1, copy beat 3, and paste it at the beginning of the about 10 seconds!
I can't do it though!
Why not?

I could crop the bass drum beat I want, and save it (except I can't define its length as 0.25 of a bar), then do the same with the rest of the loop I want (but I can't define that as 0.75 of a bar). Finally, I could append one to the other, if only I could find a way of doing that!

Is Recycle inadequate..or am I?
If its me, then I blame the manual for not clearly explaning such basic operations. Still, I suppose I'll be accused of being stupid when you all shout up and tell me how to do these things. I'll have to stand it So please tell me!!

Thanks for any help,