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The Death of Techno: is the age upon us?

...or has it always been?

I couldn't help but post this. Being left without my computers after my robbery has left me with much time to read the forums and think. I've read a lot about people's interest on this board, and I think we've got a pretty good mix of eclectic tastes floating around. Reading the post by DJ Techno Moron (hehehe) has given me something to point out:

Techno is dead, my friends. If it aint dead yet, it's on its way out.

How did I arrive to this conclusion? Simple. Anybody here who is old enough can remember the barrage of TV and radio commercials that were prevelant throughout the past decades. But if you can't, do some research and try and find some. My case in point is the music that permiates the soundtracks of TV and radio commercials at any given point in time. Advertising industries concentrate on whatever is popular and edgy to attract new comsumers. Many times, the music that they are pushing can be several years old compared to its popularity "underground" (read: club culture).

Anybody remember Moby's sale of "Play" to advertising execs? Most of us may have heard of Fatboy Slim or even Moby from their earlier underground days (I'm no huge fan of either), when the only way you could hear them was to go to a club or get lucky and hear about them from word of mouth or on a radio station willing to play them at God aweful hours. But the world was introduced to them by TV commercials.

So maybe the title of this post should have been: commercials have caused the death of techno. Heh.

At any rate, take a listen to any commercial from the 60's, 70's, 80's 90's, etc - much of the music is laughable. Completely dated.

Techno is no different. I hear it when I turn on the radio and the TV - it's all around us. The defining moment was Ford Motor Co's advertising campaign for the Focus - they actually used Detroit techno to sell it - the final dagger in techno's aching chest.

So what does this all mean?

Nothing. Just felt like babbling.