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General Logic question

OK Reason was my first venture into music, and I think I have finally gotten a hang of it. So now, I want to augment Reason with Logic. logic and reason, how cute

Anyway, I have OS X 10.2 and it is against my religion to boot up in OS 9 or use Classic. Am I correct that only Logic Platinum has been ported to OS X so far? If so, does anyone have any information or idea when Logic Gold will be, as that is more in my price range. I am just a hobbyist after all.

(I know rewire isn't supported yet, but I figure I can just export reason tracks and import into channels in Logic to work them.)

Also, does anyone know the status of audio units? What I mean is, are they any yet eMagic claims that they provide software to port VST to AU with only a few hours of work, so I would think there should be a few AU's by now.

And finally, I am asking this all here because I have not found any good forums on these subjects. If anyone knows a good Logic user forum and/or an Audio Unit page/repository/forum, I would appreciate it.