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Dynamic Beat Construction--- Idm/Glitch/Click/Variety

Hello All,
1st time post. Anyone have a solid approach (or tutorial link) to programming in Reason a dynamic beat construction. I'm thinking in the vein of ambient drum+bass, in which you have that aggressively icy break beat and the warm and innocent ambience floating above. Best example perhaps would be Funckarma, Quench, Autechre (pre-academic)...
free download at for reference. I imagine they are using a vst setup to have the beat stutter. How could this be done in reason? I feel the flam won't cut it. Analyzing these styles, I have noticed that any given loop will change it's structure/dynamics no later than after 2 or 3 measures. My first guess would be to even pull something like this off, you'd have around 25 redrums and rexs' weaving the whole time... Possible? Anyone have a reason song this strong?
Sometimes I wonder how interesting it would be if someone like Aphex Twin released a series of eps titling each track after the application he used respectively. Think, you could listen how he breaks apart the way each device in each program is SUPPOSED to be used while watching on the application itself. Just like the factory demos... Anyhow, get back to me on this if possible.

Thank you for your time,