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deleted reason songs!!!! help please

hi there....
big probs...

i have reason 2, recycle, and rebirth 2.0 all installed under a propellerhead folder in programs on my c drive (windows).

i have not used rebirth for a while and started it up and it asked for the installation cd.???? i put it in after searching for about an hour and it still did not recognise it....

now this is where i messed up ...i de-installed rebirth ...but without thinking i wiped the folder which also contains all my reason songs.......!!!!!

i reinstalled reason and rebirth and even tried a system restore from 2 days ago, but it does not get my original reason songs....

is there any way of getting my reason songs back (they were stored in my reason program folder)..

please please please./......

i have only been using reason for about a month. and had about ten incompleted songs.