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Setup for Reason and Logic to work on OSX without rewire.

Ok guys, this works.

I was able to have both Reason and Logic 5 running in sync on the same computer in Logic. I'm even able to sequence Logic instruments in Logic. I have an AMT 8 midi interface.

What I did was:

1. route one of the midi outs right back into a midi in on the AMT8. 2. Then in Logic in the environment, I disconected that midi in from getting to the sequencer so that there is no feedback loop.
3. Then launch Reason while Logic is running (amazingly they're able to share the same sound card)
4. Set Reason to recieve midi sync on the Midi in that you used in step 1. Also use this midi interface for everything else: sequencing and controller info.

This way, I'm able to even control automation from Logic. Granted, in order to record into Logic I have to route the sound back in, but I rather work that way.

This is kinda like having two computers in one. (oh, I have an dual processor 867 G4 mac running OSX)

just thought I'd share this.