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Reason works fine, but Cubase-VST only saves .arr-Files

After installing REASON2 and than Cubase VST 3.7 (Cubase VST 32 I also have tried out) I get the Reason-Error, that there is a Rewire2 Problem and Reason cannot start. In the Reason FAQ I found the solution: I should delete the files: Rewire.dll and Rex.dll in the Windows/System Ordner. I did it and Reason worked fine!

But now Cubase makes troubble: I can’t save songs (.all – files). I can olnly save arrangements (.arr-files).

Does anybody have an idea what I could do to solv the problem?

Thanks and

My System:
P3-500 - 256MB Ram - TNT2 – SBLIVE – 40 GB HD -
Win 98 – Rason 2, Live 1.0, Cubase VST 3.7, Wavelab 3 …