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I'm looking fir a quality Deep House and Downtempo remixers!

Hi all!

It's not such a long time when i asked You for your opinion on my track "Deep Inside" ( ).

I got a lots of feedback.. Those more positive of You were speaking about the deep atmosphere of my track.

That's why i'm writing here now.. I want to connect my dephtness and other people's talent.

I think that it could be very interesting to get connected with some tallented Deep House or Downtempo producer!

I think that deeply structured track going hand in hand with some femalish depthness is what the scene's missing.

I stop speaking now.

Simply check my track on and let me know if You're interested in remixing it. I'll send You samples than and i'll wait for results.

Contact me on e-mail ..

I would be very happy if i could feature the best remixes on my website!

That's all folks!

I'm sorry for my English..

Yours faithfully

Ksenia Besprozvannykh

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