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Problems with Logic and Reason via Rewire

Hey all -

Need some help -

Anyone have problems using Reason 2.0 with Logic 5.3 using Rewire to run Reason audio into Logic?

Acouple problems:

I get a MIDI error when I go to start up
Reason - which then procludes sequencing something in Reason. I only get this when
having Logic OPENED FIRST trying to connect the
two with Rewire. (this may have no relationship
to my problem but it does through an alert) I
follow the instructions for setting them up
to slave together.

But, the rewire connection does work - Reason
goes into slave mode. And it follows the Logic
transport controls. However, I can't hear the
audio through rewire from Reason in Logic. I
setup the instruments representing the Rewire

Anyone have any answers or support?

Thanks for any help, jabs etc.

Have a good one,