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What are the last 5 or so CDs/Records you've purchased?

Just curious to see what people are buying these days.

I haven't been buying nearly as much music as I used to.
Trying to pay off this new computer.

But, I recently went shopping and this is what I came home with.

Urban Renewal Program - Wylin Out [12" version & RJD2 remix]

Terry Callier - Running Around [Main Mix & Fug City Mix]
Monuments of Mars [Hopper Mix]

X-Press 2 - Muzikizum....I just love that David Byrne Song

Push Button Objects - 360 Degrees

Roots Manuva - Badmeaningood....That Freeez I.O.U. song brings back some memories

Bjork - It's in our hands [Soft Pink Truth Mix & Arcade Mix] Bjork's remixes never cease to amaze me. Take a completely kick-a** song and make it even better.

So......what have you bought lately?

peace out mofos