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Matrix and how it loves to make things up

Ok, this is really irritating. I love Reason, it's constantly allowing me to grow as an electronic musician. What is holding me back, or rather, making me take extra steps to ensure quality, is Matrix. Let's say I have a piano sequence. I don't just use the Matrix for this purpose. I start with the Matrix, come up with a pattern, and then dump it to the NN-19 sequencer track relating to piano and then I bump it up or down an octave in the sequencer. This creates a richer sound, of course. I think this can be agreed upon. But when you play it back, at least when I do, sometimes the Matrix actually hits an off note as it's going from one bank selection to the next. Do you know what I'm talking about? It's at A1, then it goes to A2, then A3, then A4. Pretty much your standard 4/4 signature setup for certain pieces. When it gets to A4, in this case, why is it that Matrix insists on hitting an off note not relating to anything I programmed?! As a result I have started giving up on the Matrix for playback. It plays fine on it's own but you apply it to a song and suddenly it goes squirly.

Is this simply something I have to deal with or is there something I may be doing wrong? Basically what I'm forced to do in the case of this one song, is use the Matrix to come up with the initial pattern, copy it to the sequencer, and then disable Matrix. That seems to work just fine. Sucks that I have to do that though.