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Where is that juicy MIDI keyboard?

I'm about to buy a used Korg Triton. For what, the sounds? Not really, but to get a decent controller keyboard for software synths.

The way I see it, there's this strange gap in the current MIDI keyboard market.

*** Why doesn't anyone attempt to make something that's not a made-in-China toy? ***

I'm talking 61/76/88 keys and a big panel with tons of faders and knobs, at least 16 of each, and preferably with LED displays next to each knob. A deluxe MIDI keyboard. But there isn't one. I've been playing keyboards for some 25 years and I just can't get used to these damn 49 key things... it's like being a jumbojet pilot and then somebody hands you a single seat Cessna and says "there, fly those 450 passengers to Paris now."

Yes, there are some 61-key USB-to-MIDI keyboards (Radium etc), but they're still cheapo (no aftertouch etc), and usually don't have the knobs and faders that the smaller models have. I want the keyboard quality/response/features found in a hardware synth... only I don't want the synth part.

Gimme a Korg Triton, lose the synth, cram the panel full of faders and knobs and weird controllers like the Midiman SurfaceOne, Roland D-beam, whatever.

I'm not expecting Evolution, M-Audio or Edirol to solve this, it's more of a Roland/Korg/Yamaha product. Don't they see a market here? I mean, if they want to be around in the future they'd better explore a niche that relates to the software synth market, and dedicated hardware synths isn't that niche. Or are they making toyish MIDI controllers as some kind of statement about software synths?

Some of us ARE still "real" keyboard players who want an *instrument* and couldn't care less about portability or other "DJ" sales points.