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Recycle and Cubase

I have Cubase 51r1 running with a Gina 20 bit sound card. All I'm trying to do is to have Cubase run on Gina outputs 1/2 and Recycle run on Gina outputs 3/4. I set Cubase to outputs 1/2 and Recycle to outputs 3/4. While Cubase is open I try to launch Recycle and I get an error saying another app has taken over the sound channel. Recyle wont run so I have to quit it and I see it resets the prefs to output 1/2. I see the Recycle read me says in order to use both Cubase and Recycle togeher you need to run OMS. I don't have samplers hooked up to Recycle I'm just using it for aif editing.
any help?