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Why can't Reason find the Reason file?

OK here's my deal. I created a dummy song file (to learn the program witgh) on my Mac desktop. I also just installed Reason on my PC laptop so I could have it when I travel (bought Oxy8 too), and I wanted that same dummy song file on my PC laptop. So I e-mailed it to myself. I went on the PC and downloaded it. Under the Reason folder, I created another folder called "works in progress," which is the same place I keep in on my Mac. I browsed it and saw it installed perfectly through Windows Explorer. So I open up Reason on and through the file menu on Reason, I browsed for it so I could open it up. Reason doesn't see the file in the "works in progress" folder!!! Ugh. Why?

One thing I do know is that when I open the file through wind expl, a reason icon is not attached next to the file. It looks like any other DAT file. I suspect this has something to do with it. What have I done wrong??