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Im sorry...come again?!?!


Ok im new to this scene.. which makes it probable that what I'm about to ask is a REALLY dumb question but hey..

So far, to my understanding, the only way you can get nice new samples of instruments is by either adding refills or by sampling the instrument yourself. But is there a way of adding other samples used in different software such as Culture by Yellow Tools. This is a rompler with stacks of sample banks... but can you just point say the nn xt or nn19 to the folder where all these other samples sit and it'll use em like they were refills?

Also whats a VST?? It says this culture thing is VST 2.0 compatible... can Reason use VST's??

I understand Propellerhead are about to release a reload utility to allow reason to access a massive sound library from Akai programs... but are these VST's as well??

Yours some what confuddled...