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Reason for Linux?

I know this probably isn't even on the drawing board, but hopefully I can plant the seed here.

I use Linux for everything from 2D graphics (GIMP) 3D graphics (Blender), office apps, web development, you name it, but so far the music industry hasn't seemed to notice the musical talents of the penguin powered OS. Sadly, I have about 4 programs I still have to keep Windows around for, 2 of which are Cubase and Reason, the other two I can run using an emulator if needed.

Propellerheads would be industry trendsetters if they would give Linux a chance and create a native port of Reason for Linux. (Don't use WINE or another emulator, it has to be native or it will flop).

Currently, companies like Industrial Light and Magic and Dreamworks are phasing out Windows workstations in favor of Linux workstations due to the increased performance and open architecture. Sony uses Linux to power the PS2, and is working with industry TV technology leaders to create a new Internet TV format powered by Linux, and working with Matsushtia (Panasonic) to create a multimedia enhance linux distro which they'll release free to the public. RedHat and several partners are also working on a similar multimedia savvy distro.

With support for all standard OS necessities including SMP, multithreading, journaled filesystems, RAID support, firewire, SCSI, etc. etc. Linux has the tools to do the job.

Anyhow, just wanted to get that out there. There are literally millions of Linux users worldwide, and growing daily, especially as resentment towards Microsoft grows and governments are pushing towards open standards and software. I'm sure RedHat would be more than happy to partner and help promote the music software industry's adaptation of Linux. Here's a few links for anyone interested. Thanks for letting me bend your ear.


Advanced Linux Sound Architecture:

Simple Direct Media Layer:

IDL Linux story:

ANGULA (Audio Linux Distro) Home Page: