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Songs removed from Song Archive

Has anyone else had their songs removed from the archive because they were made the 2.5 Beta? I understand the Props position on this, but at the same time, I don't understand it.

First of all, I was practically scolded in the e-mail I received that 2.5 Beta songs are not allowed, but I can't find that posted anywhere. Maybe it is common knowledge somehow, but I think it still needs to be clearly posted.

Second, those songs I had were for the Submarine contest, which we were told could be made with the 2.5 version. However, since 2.5 songs can't be posted until 2.5 is released (which will probably be after the April 30 contest deadline) everyone who entered with this version will not be allowed to participate. Is the Reason Song Archive the only place to enter the contest?

Again, I understand the Props reasoning behind this to an extent, but it is just kind of sudden, and I am frustrated. It seems like the people at are gonna have to shuffle their feet real quick to find another way to let people enter, and I feel bad for them they will have to do that.

Then again, maybe I am wrong and there is already another 'venue' to post songs. Please tell me I'm wrong!